Pre-press Services

Rainbow Press has full digital and traditional pre-press capability in house.

Our capability includes both digital and traditional pre-press services.

Digital Pre-press Features

We're Here to Help

"It needs to bleed?" "what's process, spot, duotones and registration?" Preparing artwork files for printing can be tricky and we are more than happy to assist you in every way to make it a painless process.

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Why Choose Us?

Fast Turnaround

Our experienced team of typesetters and technicians can turn your job around in double quick time to meet even the toughest of deadlines.

Direct Communication

You deal directly with the person handling your project, by phone, fax or email. No passing messages through sales representatives!

Quality Control

We make it our business to know your business, so we can pick up on little mistakes and typos that even our clients might miss.

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Traditional Pre-press Features

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Pre-press begins after design and ends when the document hits the press


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