Print Management

Save costs and hassles without compromising quality and reliability.

Outsource you entire print procurement process or simply take advantage of our online print management system.


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Why Choose Us?

For reliability, accountability and cost savings, choose Rainbow Press for print management.


We have been the main supplier of printed materials for many demanding clients, such as hotel chains, large manufacturers and government agencies.

Using a combination of Just-in-Time production and adaptive inventory management, we ensure the uninterrupted supply of materials used for your most important business tasks.

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Complete Transparency

Our on-line reporting and auditing tools allow you to manage at arms length the complex processes involved in print procurement through an easy-to-follow, user-friendly web-based user interface.

It's like you're touching the boxes yourself!

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Latest Technology

We have been early adopters of the latest printing technology and information technology. Order, verify and track your goods from any computer with an internet connection through this website, which is connected to our real-time production monitoring systems developed entirely in-house.

Tell us what you need and we will make it happen!

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Advanced print management solution at the click of a mouse


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